New Things

The year 2020 presented a few not so good “new things” to the world.

We experienced a new virus, we endured new lockdowns, and new social distancing requirements.

In turn, we had to come up with some new ways to do old things.

By comparison, I couldn’t help thinking of all the good new things the Bible mentions to us as we enter this New Year. These new things are wonderful!

Look at all the new things we already have:

  • We are a new man/woman in Christ.

  • We have a new commandment, to love one another.

  • We have new wine given us, the Holy Spirit.

  • We have a new and better covenant sealed by the blood of Jesus.

  • We have new testament doctrine infused with grace and revelation knowledge of who we are in Christ.

  • We are new creatures or creations in Christ.

  • We have a new and living way.

  • There is a new song in our hearts.

We even have new things waiting for us in the future: